A Reason to Hope Community Breakfast

A Reason to Hope Elite Care AttendeesAn Inspiring Morning

On March 19th, community members from around Portland gathered at the Sentinel Hotel for an inspiring morning filled with stories of struggle and triumph at the Alzheimer’s Association’s A Reason to Hope fundraising breakfast. Elite Care was a premier sponsor of this important event and proud to see several of its employees attend.

 Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Jim Martin

After an accident, Jim Martin lost much of his memory function. At the breakfast, he shared his story of recovery, learning he would no longer be able to continue his career as a trial lawyer, and acceptance of his new life. He learned that due to his injury, he’s much more likely to develop dementia. He gains support from friends and family and currently volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Kathy Meyer, Family Member and CaregiverKathy Meyer A Reason to Hope Speaker

Kathy Meyer game a moving speech about her husband’s affliction with Alzheimer’s and the toll it takes not only on him, but on her, and her family. It was a first-hand account of what the disease does to a once high-functioning individual. The room was in tears.

Help the Fight

If you missed the breakfast, visit The Alzheimer’s Association website for other opportunities to help fight this terrible disease.