Oatfield Estates

Adams and Hood

At Hood house this month we were lucky enough to celebrate Ruth’s birthday! Chef Alison baked a delicious cake in her honor and all our house residents and friends came together to enjoy each other’s company.

Residents always love Chocolate Lovers Society and Garden Hangout. For Chocolate Lovers Society we are able to connect with our sister house and mingle with the rest of our friends. After all, Chocolate is the key to happiness. During this time we can connect, communicate and laugh with one another.

While in Garden Hangout this month, one of our activities was to make a mural out of old stones and rocks. Dick seemed to love this activity while trying to color coordinate the various stones to the correct spots.

For one of our best outings this month we were able to celebrate National Donut Day a week early and take a visit to Big Ben Donuts. With so many different and exciting flavors it got a little tricky trying to pick the one you wanted to eat, so sticking to our common boston cream, maple bar and old fashioned was the way to go!

All of us here at Adams House had a very fun and memorable May! With the weather getting a lot nicer, we have started to enjoy our beautiful front porch once again. Sitting outside with a glass of water or a cup of tea was a very popular attraction here. We are all very blessed to have a lively front porch for us to enjoy together as a house. The porch has gone through a complete makeover as chimes, hanging flowers, and bird feeders begin to make their way outside again. The residents are all really excited to have more activities planned outside this summer.

We had a birthday to celebrate! Adams House wished Lois a very happy birthday on May 18! Gifts, cards, friends, family, and lemon meringue pie were all a part of the fun and joyous birthday celebration. June will be a busy month for Adams. We have three birthdays coming up, some fun art and crafts projects for outside, our first outdoor family night, and 4th of July to get ready for!

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