Oatfield Estates

Adams and Hood

Spring is finally here! As the weather starts to improve heading into May, the residents have expressed a lot of excitement for warmer and drier weather
in the months ahead. Slowly but surely, the morning walks have started to become more frequent and are a great way to start the day! Exercise is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we remind our residents to stay well hydrated as it continues to heats up.

Easter, this month, gave the houses a great opportunity to participate in coloring easter eggs! A fun alternative, the residents loved, was coloring easter eggs with shaving cream. We put a layer of shaving cream in a wide container, added a colorful combination of dyes to the top, then rolled the eggs over the mixture, resulting in colorful tie-dyed eggs.

Upcoming in May, we have a number of plans in store for the houses. Our Family Night on Wednesday, May 10, will be a late celebration of Cinco de Mayo with delicious Mexican cuisine being served! We will also be celebrating all the Mothers in our home on the 14th, and be in remembrance of our fellow men and women in the armed forces who have fallen on the 29th. May will be a fun and exciting month! Happy Spring!