Amenities that Matter: Our Gardens

We Are An Alternative to Assisted Living

Through the on-site, organic gardening program, Residents have the opportunity to engage with their peers, enjoy the fresh air, and cultivate the food they eat.

What  Makes us Unique

  • All physical and mental abilities can participate in our Garden Activities Program.
  • Tasks are individualized to the Resident’s abilities and interests to ensure that they experience success.
  • Working with others provides belonging; given choices provides feelings of influence; contributing provides a sense of purpose.
  • Completing a project provides feelings of accomplishment – a focus on what they CAN do.
  • The benefit of physical exercise: Gardening provides a means to get people outside, to participate, to walk, bend, balance, and reach.
  • The benefit of cognitive exercise: Gardening is a mechanism to improve orientation, increase attention span and promote the use of logic and judgement.
  • The benefit of socialization: Improves self-esteem and confidence in working with others to achieve goals.

Our Extended Family Residences™ allow us to provide a high quality, meaningful life, without regard to age, diagnosis, or ability. As a result, our Residents – your loved ones – are Living Well Each Day!