Amenities that Matter: Our Kitchens

We Are An Alternative To Assisted Living:

Commonly referred to as the ‘social hub’ of each House, our kitchens encourage Resident, Chef, and Family interaction while enjoying a homemade meal

What Makes Us Unique

  • At least 90% of our meals are attended by Residents.
  • We encourage family members to join their loved one for meals by not charging for those meals.
  • Residents have the opportunity to cultivate the food they eat in our on-site, organic gardens.
  • Food is cooked from scratch, minimizing processed foods and using local, organic & fresh.
  • Open kitchens allows Residents to interact with the House Chef, make breakfast requests, and help themselves to leftovers in the fridge.
  • Kitchen/Dining area of each House feels and smells like the house they raised you in.
  • We feature a 1:12 Chef-to-Resident ratio which allows the Chef to know more of each Resident’s dietary needs, allergies, and cuisine preferences.

Our Extended Family Residencesâ„¢ allow us to provide a high quality, meaningful life, without regard to age, diagnosis, or ability. As a result, our Residents – your loved ones – are Living Well Each Day!