Another Busy Month at Fanno Creek

Spruce & Cedar Houses

January was a great month for scenic drives because there were many sunny days. We drove out to Scholls, Hillsboro, and Newberg to see rolling hills and pastures with alpacas, horses, cows, and sheep, all of whom were enjoying the sun as well. With the especially warm days we could see buds on the trees, crocus and daffodils coming up and some were already blooming. Beautiful views of Mt. Hood from several locations are always a treat to see, but the Resident's favorite treat was a stop at the country store for Magnum ice cream bars.

We visited the Portland Museum in Milwaukie, which proved to be a great time of the year to see the exhibit because it wasn't crowded. They've added a bird sanctuary which is found near the snake exhibit. We quickly discovered which Residents have a dislike for snakes. Our favorite was getting our hands in the water to touch some of the sea life.

The Washington County Museum has added more exhibits and one particularly interesting one is the toaster exhibit. It was fun to see the variations over time and the Residents reflected on the different types of toasters that were in their kitchens as they grew up. Richard pointed out that some are still used for camping today.

We celebrated four birthdays this month; Sue from Spruce House, Bill, Pat and Maxine from Cedar House. The ice cream cake was a big hit with requests for seconds all around. It was the month of the Birthday for Fanno Creek.

We finished off the month with a trip to Bob's Red Mill and a visit to the restaurant for a taste of their daily fresh baked desserts and hot coffee. Next month we'll visit the Reptile Museum and Lake Oswego Heritage House.