Campus Update: Elite Care at Fanno Creek

Fun Outings

March provided day after day of beautiful sunshine. The scenic drives were full of different shades of green, pink, red, and white blossoms accenting the rolling hills in Scholls & Hillsboro. Breathtaking views of Mt. St Helens and Mt Hood were evident.

We all took a trip to McMinnville’s Evergreen Aviation Museum to view a 3D movie about the 787 Dreamliner and the A380 Boeing jets. We learned how each jet was engineered and the problems that took place while trying to meet the delivery date. While watching in 3D it felt like we were in the planes and could reach out and touch them.

Living and Learning

A trip to Jackson Bottom Wetlands in Hillsboro taught us about the local eagles and their nests. We were able to go out on a well-covered patio and view the wetlands afterwards. There are several exhibits to experience and we were thoroughly impressed with the high-quality changes Intel was instrumental in helping make. When the weather permits we will be going back to walk the paved path and view the wetlands up close.

Our favorite dessert outing was in order this week to La Provence to take in the fine taste of French pastries. These are the finest chocolate desserts anywhere with the finest cup of coffee and service to add for a pleasant dining experience.

We also had a pleasant dessert outing to Hayden’s Grill where we took a stroll by the lake and enjoyed the ducks and families out on a lovely warm day. The Residents especially enjoyed feeling the sun on their face as we enjoyed the water feature.

On Display

We had a great turnout for Memories in the Making and had some of our artists chosen to take part in the auction that will take place on April 30th at The Sentinel Hotel. Proceeds fund critical programs and service offered to Oregon families struggling with Alzheimer’s and related dementias as well as research.

Next month we’ll travel south to Powerland and the Tulip Festival.