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Elite News – July-August 2016

Hood and Adams  
Adams and Hood house started this month with the amazing Fourth of July bash. There was face painting, clowns, family, friends and great food. Our Chefs did an outstanding job and everyone had an amazing time! 

We have started an “Art Studio” activity on Thursday mornings and the painting projects have been the Resident's favorite topic of conversation as of late. We have also started a group called “Armchair Travels” learning about new places and cultures from the comfort of our living spaces. We pick a theme and/or country to start with and have a related ethnic snack of some kind.

We ended the month with a wonderful beach trip and picnic. The weather cooperated nicely and it was a clear and warm day. Perfect time to see the Oregon coast! 

Ashland and Jefferson
For this issue we are pleased to present the story of Resident Murial Jager! 
Muriel has lived at Oatfield Estates since October 2012. Muriel was born in New York city and was a homemaker. Her hobby was Creative Embroidery. Muriel has traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, The Holy Land, and Suez Canal.
Muriel has 3 daughters and one son. She has 110 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren, with a twelfth great-grandchild on the way. We're grateful to Murel for sharing her life with us. 

We had an exciting outing in late July. We went to the home of Jamie Campbell (Operations Manager for Elite Care) to see where she raises bison (sometimes known as buffalo). We got to meet a “Mama” bison and a new-born baby bison, also called a calf. 

It brought so much happiness to Resident Rosie Rabinonitz, Ashland House. It brought back wonderful memories of her childhood days going to her family’s farm in South Dakota. She shared some of her memories with us, and on the way home to Oatfield Estates she told us how much fun she had and that she’d like to go again.

Foot Care Spa

“Listen to my feet and I will tell you the story of my life.” 
– John Bubbles, Father of Rhythm Tap
Please join us for the Grand Opening of Oatfield Estates, Foot Care Spa.  The official Grand Opening / Ribbon Cutting Event will be held on September 1st, Thursday, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm!  Heidi Corbett is a registered nurse who specializes in caring for feet! She started her nursing career in the hospital ER department and medical surgery unit. According to Heidi, it did not take long to realize her passion was in long term care. During the past twenty-five years Heidi has been in the long term care arena in some form or another; Director of Making Life Easier Home Care agency, Nursing Assistant Instructor, and Regional Director of Education with Extendicare, just to name a few.

Heidi comes to our campus with 35 years of Nursing experience and is passionate about advocating for our elders to remain active and independent for as long as possible. She believes in our philosophy, the power of touch, and loves keeping feet happy! Heidi's passion extends well beyond nursing.  She brings with her the power of educating residents, families, and staff alike about proper preventative maintenance, offers suggestions for appropriate footwear, and provides tender touch massage to your loved one.  Heidi will make a great addition to our campus at Oatfield Estates.  Don't miss the campus event and celebrate the grand opening for our foot care spa on August 15th, located in the Helens house, suite B4 (basement).  The schedule is filling up quickly, so hurry and schedule your loved one's foot care appointment.  Email Heidi at corbetth6@gmail.com and msanders@elitecare.com.  Heidi will send a consent form and Mychal will add you to the schedule. 

Be good, keep your feet dry, your eyes open, your heart at peace.
~Author Unknown

A Place Called Home
Oatfield Estates is a place I called home for many years.  
Hello, my name is Jai Nickerson and I am 14 years old. In 2002, my mom began working in the Marketing Department for Oatfield Estates, and soon thereafter we moved onto campus and together we shared an apartment in the basement of the Helens House with the common area as my play-land. 
Through this experience we embraced extended family and created the role of a “Live-in”. Modeling the philosophy of extended family we were known as “the poster” children for Oatfield Estates.  
I truly thought since I romped around all over campus the entire 6 acres was “my backyard”.  I guess you could say, Oatfield Estates was my first stomping grounds.  It was a magical place where everything happened for the first time; I built my first snowman, slid down the hill (way before there was a gate), and met my first best friend.  
When my mom wasn't touring newcomers to the campus or studying for nursing school, we were with the Residents. My mom raised me with love and kindness, surrounded by old people (now I refer to them as sacred elders). There was no judgment, just unconditional love.  
I believe Oatfield taught me many wonderful things and through my experience I have grown into a kind person with a strong love for the elderly. My mom says, “Nothing ever stays the same and change is something to embrace.”  
I must admit, it was difficult to walk back on campus.  The flood of emotions was quite intense, yet comforting at the same time. The ponds don't seem as deep, nor do the trees seem as tall (well, maybe the one behind the office does). The faces have changed, but one thing remains constant, Oatfield is where my heart is!  
I love being back on campus, but mostly I love spending time with the Residents.  I have given myself a title: Resident Advocate.  My goal is by the end of the summer to meet every Resident, know their name, what they enjoy for fun, and most importantly, be an advocate for them.  
Please help preserve Oatfield, it's special to me and I'm certain to many others as well.
~ Jai Nickerson, Resident Advocate

The Chefs Corner

Tip from Chef Kate for getting boiled eggs to peel easy!
This is the best method I’ve found after trial and error, and lots of tip reading!
Start your egg in boiling water. Gently lower the eggs into the boiling water and cover until it returns to a boil. Eggs should be completely covered. 
Then, turn off the heat, cover the eggs for about 8-10 minutes.  Drain the hot water off the eggs and fill the pot with lukewarm to cool water. 
As soon as it cools a little, you can reach in and crack the shells against the pot. Allow the cracked eggs to submerge in water, and then immediately begin to remove their shells. They should slide off easily, nearly in one piece. I find this works regardless of how fresh my carton of eggs is.
About Chef Kate!
Chef Kate has a special place in Elite Care's heart: She has been employed with this community longer than any other team member! She has been with us since 2003 as the Chef in Adams House. 
Kate is our go-to person for all things kitchen. When you walk into her kitchen at Adams, you can really feel the environment that we envision for every house. Chefs are a very important component of the house!
Everyone loves Kate, not just for the delicious food she prepares, but also for the way she gets to know all the Residents and makes sure she understands their food likes and dislikes.  Chef Kate has a lot to do with the fact that Adams House rarely has any available suits. 
Thank-you Kate, for your years of dedicated service to our Residents and the wonderful example you set!

From the Founder
One of the challenges when you deal with frail elders' care and medical needs is communication. In an effort to make this easier for all concerned and for our Team Members to be more responsive, we have established office hours for the Community Manager and the Nurse.
We want to apply simplicity, consistency, and routine to our communications as well. Often the amount of emails and phone calls gets overwhelming and sometimes our response hasn't been as fast as you might want. In order to help the situation, here is what we have asked our Community Manager and our Nurses to do:
Community Managers and Nurses will spend one hour in the morning, from 9 to 10 am, and one hour in the afternoon, from 3 to 4pm, in their office. During that time they will respond to emails and phone calls.
If you have any non-urgent communications, please send emails to both CM and Nurse. With this new routine of time spent in the office solely for communication, it should be possible for them to be more responsive.
If you have any urgent communications, it is best to text rather than make a phone call. I would like your feedback as to how this is working. Please e-mail me with observations and concerns:lundberg@elitecare.com

Resident Spotlight: 

Vera Diltz
When combing through all of the memorable moments, events, and fun activities this month I couldn't help but think of our dearly beloved Vera. All of my special, funny, and at times sad moments are all wrapped up and centered on her. Vera is a young and beautiful 94 year old woman who never misses a beat! Every day she is one of the first ladies up, dressed with her makeup applied and outfit properly accessorized. After breakfast you can count on Vera to read out loud to all of the Residents and staff the latest headlines, sports coverage and up-to-date weather forecast for the day.  The staff will always attempt to direct her attention to the positive and upbeat stories yet she cannot be diverted! She faithfully flips to that front page, reading aloud the headlines.
Besides the daily news report, Vera has made it her number one priority to ensure that every Resident is taken care for; that they have a place to stay, and have had a good meal to eat. Every day she will ask the staff; “Where is my young lady friend?” (Another Resident), followed by, “Doesn't she get anything to eat? I don't think she has any money to pay for it…I think I might have some birthday money left over…” 
Of course we always reassure that everyone is cared for, and will not take anyone's word for it! She has to see it with her VERY OWN eyes! Vera's daily concern assures me of that she IS and ALWAYS will be a woman of generosity, love, compassion, and servanthood.

Sylvan Park Decked Out in Patriotism
Fourth of July proved to be another successful event at Sylvan Park. Residents, families, team members and visitors from the outside all got together to show their patriotic spirit. Faces were painted, red, white, and blue attire was worn, and the entire Sylvan Park Campus both inside and out had decorations galore! Everyone did an outstanding job showing their patriotism during our annual Fourth of July Barbeque.  
Sticking with tradition, the chefs outdid themselves by preparing a delicious barbeque feast that had all the traditional favorites; including watermelon, potato salad and even homemade fresh squeezed lemonade which Chef Perry took the time to make. It warmed everyone's hearts to the see the children of our Residents, families, and team members come together and enjoy the activities that were put together by the wonderful activities team at Sylvan Park. 
As the day came to an end there were smiles all around as loved ones hugged goodbye. It was no longer about “employees serving residents” it was about family enjoying family. How blessed are all of us to be a part of such a wonderful community?  It is events like this that truly remind us all of what family means. Here at Sylvan Park we are all family; and what better way to celebrate our nation's independence than by coming together as one? 
We are looking forward to the rest of the adventures that summer will bring. 

A Birthday Party for June, In June

Spruce & Cedar Houses

June ushered in a whole new month of outings, arts, bingo, and musical events for the Residents to enjoy. Our first outing was to The Painted Plate in Old Town Sherwood where the motto is, “You pick it, you paint it, we fire it!” The Residents had their choice of over 60 colors of paint and 250 pieces of pottery such as tiles, mugs, plates, bowls, and vases to choose from. The results were fantastic!

NW Alpaca Farm where the Residents were introduced to this fascinating animal by the owner, with a half-hour presentation of interesting facts and a bag of fleece shorn from one of the farm's animals everyone was encouraged to feel. The owner also introduced us to a seven-day-old baby alpaca that we were able to pet! On the way home we stopped off at The Smith Berry Farm for milkshakes to help us cool off from the heat of the day.

We had a wonderful lineup of musical artists to tickle our ears this month, including the stunning and vocally gifted Rachael, some down-home country tunes by Cowboy Bill, beautiful piano music with Monte, and Dee, who has an amazing vocal range and a repertoire of hundreds of songs he sings from memory.

We celebrated June's birthday on June 22 at High Tea with a phenomenal chocolate cake prepared by Chef Eric, handmade birthday cards from the Residents, and a boisterous rendition of the Birthday Song! June was actually born on June 21st, however, she was with her family on her actual birthday. June's husband, Mel, was present, which made her birthday celebration extra special!

Volunteering with Sylvan Park

Elite Care Sylvan Park Campus

Merwin & Lacamas Houses

June was the month for us to celebrate and honor our Father's by paying tribute to all they’ve done for us. During our special “Donuts for Dads” social we all shared fond memories of our lives with our Dads.

Here at Sylvan Park we had a fun filled 4th of July Celebration! We had an all American BBQ with Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, BBQ chicken, potato salad, fresh fruit, baked beans and both blueberry and strawberry lemonade! Some of the fun activities included a raffle and cake walk. The children played “Dress for the 4th relay”, red, white, and blue balloon walk, and red, white, and blue egg relay! Thanks to all who took the time to come join in on the festivities!

This month’s outings were to the Esther Short Park, Tea and Hand Bell Concert, Clark County Historical Museum, Sheridan’s Frozen Custard, and a scenic drive up and down Marine Drive! We also took a trip to Stringfield Family Park for the 1st. Annual Multi-Generational Park Clean Up! We were proud to be able to partner with SOLVE! Sylvan Park had over 30 participants consisting of Residents, Team Members, Families, and children. It was a wonderful way to give back to the community and to see all generations work together.

Some of this month’s activities included: Celebrity guess who, Flag Day Fun Facts, Firework Art, and Red, White, and, Blue Wreaths. We decorated sun hats to use during our summer walks on campus. We also had Jini come play the harp for the Residents for the first time!

Welcome to Elite Care at Sylvan Park

Elite Care Sylvan Park Campus

Yale & Mayfield Houses

Sylvan Park is happy to welcome Amy Knoetzel and James Winther as our two new Activities Coordinators! Amy has 5 ½ years of experience working with the elderly population and has recently graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors degree in Human Development and Gerontology, with a certificate in Human Services Case Work and Administration. James has over 11 years of experience working with the elderly population in a variety of settings. They’re both very passionate about serving seniors and are excited to be joining Rosa and the rest of the Elite Care Team.

This month we had some fun outings, a common favorite was going to the Portland Aquarium! It was a lot of fun seeing how many types of fish there really are; we even got the opportunity to touch a few of them, and boy did that make us laugh! Another highlight for us was seeing the musical group, Va-Va Voom! They had funny skits, wild costumes, and many songs. It was a wonderful performance and we all agreed that it was a blast!

In preparation for Elder Abuse Awareness Month (June), we’ve been doing purple themed crafts to show our support of this important cause. We decorated our lobby purple, made a wall of purple handprints, designed purple shirts, and even made purple jewelry! In June, we’ll continue to show our support by attending the “Turn the Town Purple” dance in support of Elder Abuse Awareness Month.

Merwin & Lacamas Houses

The month of May was filled with new excitement and faces! We celebrated our Mothers and Grandmothers during our Mother's Day Tea. Each Mother and Grandmother received a beautiful long stemmed rose handed out by Lici and Maria's adorable little children. We all recognize how influential these women have been in our lives as well as all of yours and feel blessed to have them a part of our family here. The Tea was brought to an end by sharing stories of our mothers with one another as we listened to Mother's Day poems shared by Rosa and Amy.

May Activities at Oatfield Estates

Adams & Hood Houses<

May has been a perfect month…lots of incredible weather and fun activities. We began our month with delicious strawberry shortcakes with vanilla ice cream at Tebo's Restaurant. After all, strawberry season came early this year!! We just had to indulge!

Another favorite outing was to the Schreiner's Iris Gardens, just outside of Salem. We got a little stiff on the way there due to the distance, but it was all worth it!! We picked up Subway sandwiches and had a picnic lunch, when we first arrived. Then we toured around the grounds finding ourselves astonished at how many different varieties of Iris there are! The weather was perfect and we found ourselves having a wonderful time.

There was a very special Tea-Cup and Topics for Mother's Day. We called it “Mothers and Daughters Day,” because it includes all of our lovely ladies at Oatfield Estates! All of the Chefs contributed delicious finger foods. Sarah, the Activities Coordinator for Rainier, had everything decorated and beautiful. Our Mothers and Daughters hopefully felt the love on their special day!

We’re looking forward to the outings planned for June. We’ll be visiting Al's Nursery, where we’ll be picking out hanging baskets for our porches. Then, we’re going out to the Evergreen Aviation Museum, where we’ve set up a presentation by one of their knowledgeable staff members. Later in the month, we’re planning on eating petite sandwiches and cakes, while drinking tea with our pinkies up, at the Dollhouse Tea Room. A trip to the Portland Memory Garden will finish out our month.

Iris Blooms for Ashland & Jefferson Houses

“March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.” ~English Proverb

Hello from Ashland and Jefferson Houses! We enjoyed the month of May with several outings and fun activities here on campus.

We ate lots of yummy food at the Olive Garden (including their amazing breadsticks!). We also spent a wonderful afternoon at the Schreiner's Iris Garden, just outside of Salem. We ate a picnic lunch, walked around the gardens, and even purchased some of their beautiful cut flowers. We couldn't get over all the beautiful colors! We were extra happy that the rain showers held off until we got on the bus to go home.

As we close out the month of May we’re already looking forward to, and planning for, our 4th of July celebration, here at Oatfield Estates. This is one of the biggest parties we throw all year and we invite you to volunteer your time to help out. If you're interested, please contact your Activities Coordinator to sign up!

Sylvan Park Celebrates Earth Day

Yale & Mayfield Houses

Yale and Mayfield houses had a great month. We had outings to Black Light Miniature Golf, Lunch at Red Lobster, Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, Scenic Drive to Frenchman's Bar and Baskin Robbins.

Sylvan Park had two Meet-and-greets for families of Residents to come meet Lici Paquette, our new Community Manager. Our Chefs made some scrumptious goodies that all of the Residents loved and raved about for the next couple days.

On April 21st, we celebrated Earth Day with a party in the Greenhouse and by planting two fruit trees in front of the greenhouse (Asian Pear and Gala Apple).

We had a new entertainer, Monte, who played the piano wonderfully and Residents really liked him.

Our first Laughter Club was a hoot, because everybody was in a circle with funny looking hats on and the instructor would give Residents directions on how to release their laughter. He let everyone know that this exercise would get their blood flowing, along with waking them up to start their day off right. He also said that even if someone didn't feel like laughing, they would eventually start to laugh because laughter is contagious. You know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine,” and we sure got a huge dose of it that day. Residents were very happy. It was a sight to see and made everyone sooo happy.

We entertained our Read more

Campus Update: Elite Care at Fanno Creek

Fun Outings

March provided day after day of beautiful sunshine. The scenic drives were full of different shades of green, pink, red, and white blossoms accenting the rolling hills in Scholls & Hillsboro. Breathtaking views of Mt. St Helens and Mt Hood were evident.

We all took a trip to McMinnville’s Evergreen Aviation Museum to view a 3D movie about the 787 Dreamliner and the A380 Boeing jets. We learned how each jet was engineered and the problems that took place while trying to meet the delivery date. While watching in 3D it felt like we were in the planes and could reach out and touch them.

Living and Learning

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A Fun-Filled March at Oatfield Estates

Adams & Hood Houses

April showers bring May flowers! We’ve sure been enjoying those flowers! The Easter Bunny made a visit to our houses on April 2nd and brought lots of goodies for our Easter Baskets! In April, we enjoyed going to the Woodburn Tulip Fest. How incredibly beautiful it was, even through the raindrops! We also enjoyed the beauty around us by taking a scenic drive up the Clackamas River, past Estacada. A Beaches Restaurant outing was enjoyed by all, later in the month.

May is bringing plenty of adventure to our lives. The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden will be our first outing of the month and the rhododendrons should be in full bloom by then. We’ll visit Huber’s, the oldest restaurant in Portland, for dessert. Pearl has family near Salem who own a buffalo farm, so we thought we’d jump in the bus and go see us some buffalo! It should be a wonderful learning experience, and fun to meet more of Pearl's family. And last but not least, we’ll be dining at the Kennedy School Courtyard Restaurant. Lots of fun to be had by Adams and Hood Houses in May!

Helens & Rainier Houses

>Rainer and Helens houses welcomed March with open arms as winter came to an end and spring began. This past month has been a busy one for our houses. We started out the month by going out to, what most of us consider a favorite around here, Mai Wah Chinese. We had some of their delicious Fried Prawns (which we couldn't get enough of!) and their Sweet and Sour Pork. By the time we left we were all stuffed, happy, and ready for a nap!

The following week we took a trip to famous Joe’s Donuts out in Sandy to satisfy our sweet tooth. On our trip back, we took a scenic drive through farmland and passed the Clackamas River which brought back many nostalgic experiences for some of us.

The highlight of our month was our St. Patrick's Day party. We enjoyed green floats and Irish songs and trivia. But the Irish fun didn't stop there! We also carried the Irish heritage to our monthly Family Night. We enjoyed classic corn beef, cabbage, and Irish crème soufflé. But the best part of the night was enjoying each other's company.

The festivities won't end there for the Helens and Rainier houses. We are excited to have spring begin and cannot wait for the flowers to start blooming! Coming up in April we are going to the tulip festival and strolling through 40 acres of beautiful gardens. We hope to have a wonderful time and make some amazing memories!

Tabor & Larch Houses

Tabor and Larch houses have had a busy month. We’ve hosted parties, and a Family Night, gone on outings, and brought in gardening crafts. All these activities have kept us busy during this perfect, early spring.

We spent an afternoon at the Water Resource Education Center in Vancouver, learning about this natural resource. The many displays and materials there teach how to preserve, and protect this valuable resource–and all the wildlife that live in, and on the waterways of the Pacific Northwest. We also had a beautiful afternoon stroll through the garden at The Grotto in NE Portland, and finished off the month with a lovely lunch at Multnomah Falls Lodge Restaurant.

Tabor House hosted one of our St. Patrick's Day parties at Oatfield Estates and we had a blast! We played trivia games and ate fun snacks prepared by our Team of Chefs, while we listened to beautiful Irish music.

Our Family Night was another winner, with our country-western theme. Our Chefs prepared fantastic meats, shrimp, salads, and desserts. It was almost a standing-room-only party, until we rounded up another table. It was spread out just in time for the plates to hit! Our Resident Service Coordinator, Lorrina, and Personal Assistants attempted to teach us to line dance, but most of us were just as happy watching the show and listening to good music.

Larch and Tabor have added some porch pots to our entryway. We’re enjoying the lively color offerings as we come and go. As for inside the house, we create works of art with the flowers and greenery that Tara brings in for Garden Cart activity.

Another Busy Month at Fanno Creek

Spruce & Cedar Houses

January was a great month for scenic drives because there were many sunny days. We drove out to Scholls, Hillsboro, and Newberg to see rolling hills and pastures with alpacas, horses, cows, and sheep, all of whom were enjoying the sun as well. With the especially warm days we could see buds on the trees, crocus and daffodils coming up and some were already blooming. Beautiful views of Mt. Hood from several locations are always a treat to see, but the Resident's favorite treat was a stop at the country store for Magnum ice cream bars.

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