Oatfield Estates

Elite Adventures

Along the shores of Depoe Bay, you might spot a whale or two if you looked hard enough. Here, they are known for their year round whale watching. During the spring, the whales migrate back up to the chilly waters of Alaska, stopping in Oregon along the way. The most common whale sightings are the gray whale. The start of the migrating season seemed like the perfect time to grab a group of residents and head to the Oregon Coast for the day. We were granted beautiful weather and easy access to the whale watching center. After eating lunch down the road we walked to the center. They provided us with binoculars to observe the whales from afar as well as four large screen TV’s to get the best possible view. There were whale, porpoise and dolphin skeletons to touch and an abundance of information on whales and their migrating patterns.

We scanned the ocean and the screens hoping to see a whale. About five minutes in we saw a spout of water spray in the air. Five minutes after that, to everyone’s delight, a whale rose out of the water and then dove back below the surface. Having come with no expectations it was incredible to witness the sight of a forty foot sea creature show off for us. We all left feeling satisfied that we got what we came for.