Oatfield Estates

Elite Adventures

As you walk the path, on campus, you may notice that the once faceless trees have developed faces, glass flowers are growing in the gardens and a tiny fairy encampment has sprouted. These projects and many others are results of activities from the Garden Club, Women’s Group and Arts & Crafts the residents have worked hard on. Cascade of ice is looking more alive with the hanging terrariums in the windows that the residents decorated and planted.

Our Garden Club plays a very big role in resident well-being as they will often recall the days when they maintained their own gardens, telling stories that bring smiles to their face and those around them. Working with their hands gives our residents a sense of purpose and belonging by contributing nature and art to their community.

In May we will be doing some wood crafting. So expect to see various pieces of wood art around campus and in your mom and dad’s room!