Ashland House

New Resident:

** New Resident Spotlight**

Please welcome our new resident Anita Frack to Ashland House. Anita

was born in Oregon and raised her family there. Anita met her husband at a motorcycle rally and it was love at first sight. After dating for three weeks they took the march down the aisle and were married for 53 years.

Anita and her husband spent a lot of time together riding Harley Davidson’s throughout the state. They had three children together, who had seven grandchildren. Anita was a housewife when her children were young and she watched other children so she could stay home with her own. She then ventured out and became a bartender which she did for fifteen years and loved it.

Anita loves to read and enjoys her crossword puzzles. She is also very gifted as a gardener. Anita grew her own vegetables for her family and had quite the flower garden. She continues to enjoy gardening and is very active here on campus planting flowers for other’s to enjoy.

What’s happening:

February was a very busy month in both Ashland and Jefferson House. We had a month full of parties and fun activities, including a Mardi Gras party with a special king cake created by Chef Deb from Jefferson House. It wouldn’t be a Mardi Gras party without beads and masks! Everyone had a good time eating delicious snacks, chatting and dancing to traditional Mardi Gras tunes.

We celebrated Anita in Ashland House and Annie in Jefferson House birthdays this month. Naturally, we had cake, ice cream and family to add to the birthday festivities. We are looking forward to next month, with more parties and making more memories.

Rainier and Helens

Rainier and Helens house, as always, stayed busy this month. Despite record rain levels in February we stayed dry for the most part. One way we kept our minds off the dreary weather was walking a couple houses down to the Larch House Movie Theater. The large screen and the smell of popcorn in our popcorn makers gave it the feel of an actual movie theater. To, metaphorically, cut the ribbon to our movie theater we kicked it off with a Super bowl party. To get any closer you would have to actually be at the game! Granted, most of the residents enjoyed the food more than the game but it was still a great time.  

Rainier house hosted the Valentine’s Day party this year and the house was filled to the brim with residents, family, and staff. Everyone was dancing, eating, socializing and someone even started a game with the balloons. Needless to say, we had a great time.

Tebo’s, an Oatfield favorite, will be closing it’s doors, after 62 years, on May 3rd so we made sure to go this month. It’s popular for its desserts, especially the giant strawberry shortcake. It will be missed but we will find another favorite in the future.

A few highlights coming in March are lunch at The Ram, a trip to Multnomah Falls, and going to the movie theater. Family night dinner will be on March 8th and all are encouraged to join us.  

Fanno Creek

We had a busy month in February! Family night was a wonderful get-together for the residents, their families and friends. The chefs wowed everyone with their culinary skills, and everyone retired that evening with full, happy tummies!

For a Valentine treat we set up and decorated tables in the breezeway near the piano and served the resident’s a nice lunch as Monte, the piano player, serenaded them with love songs.

On Valentine’s Day the St. Anthony’s school third graders visited us bearing gifts of homemade Valentine’s cards and came equipped with pen and paper to “interview” the residents. Our resident, Larene, played the piano for us, and then she invited one of the third graders to join her. It was a very special day with lots of smiles, conversation, and laughter. The residents talked about how special it was for days, and the teacher told us that the students were very touched by our wonderful residents.

On our outing to the Tigard Library we were given a tour of the facility and a couple of the residents signed up for library passes. On the way out we stopped at the new Literary Feast Café, and enjoyed a warm cup of coffee or tea before we headed back to Fanno.

On one special Saturday Oregon Dream Ponies brought one of the Miniature Therapy Horses to share with the residents. Ruby, who is only 26 inches tall, met with each and every resident before she left. She drew a couple of residents out of their rooms that don’t normally feel comfortable in group settings. There were also two who didn’t feel well enough to come out, so we took Ruby to them. Every single resident was enthralled and touched by Ruby’s size, demeanor, and absolute charm (not to mention her handler’s ability to make each and every resident feel special with her own personal charm.)

Some of the residents helped make decorations for our Mardi Gras party and we decorated Spruce dining room and dined on an authentic King Cake and dressed up a little for fun.  All the residents enjoyed themselves, but one special gentleman exclaimed after it was over, “It’s been a good day!”

In March, we are looking forward to visiting The Wall of Sound exhibit at the World of Speed Museum and The Oregon Historical Society!

From the Founder

It’s hard to believe that February has already passed. In this month’s newsletter, we are honoring the team members who won the “you cared and I noticed” raffle at the February Family night. It is important, that when you see a team member go above and beyond, that you recognize them by filling out the card.

We had some great events in February and have more planned for the months to come. We are also getting ready for a wonderful garden this year. If you drive up the hill to Oatfield Estates, you see the grow lights on as they help the starts get ready to be planted outside.

If you have time, we would love for you to volunteer either in the garden, or attend some outings with your loved one. It always makes it more fun to have a family member along. If you are interested, please let the Activities Coordinator in your house know.

Elite Care Adventures

February equals fun, fun, fun! Just because it’s raining outside that didn’t stop us from painting the town red. It’s all in the name: Adventure. We have introduced several new programs for our more active residents on campus.

Weekly shopping trips occur every Monday which means we go to the grocery, pottery, bead store or shopping at the mall. Sometimes the residents want to stop for lunch on the way back or a cup of coffee after a couple hours of shopping.

Wednesdays offer museum trips or the Aquatic Center. This month we went to both the Portland Art Museum and the Oregon Historical Society.  Twice a month, we take an exercise class at the North Clackamas Aquatic Center.  This activity is becoming increasingly popular among the residents and may increase to every Wednesday, if requested by our residents.

Fridays are reserved for lunch outings. We wanted to expand our palate and discover Portland and Milwaukie’s food scene. That led us to the Pine Street Market in downtown Portland, Rivershore in Gladstone and Stone Cliff Inn in Carver.

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are our on campus classes. We are heavily focusing on art classes as we have our semi-annual Art Walk coming up, fast, in September. We are also offering relief from the opposite sex with our Women and Men Groups.

A couple times a month we go on Saturday and Sunday outings. In February we attended the Oregon Ballet Theatre’s production of Swan Lake. The story and dancing captivated the residents, bringing back memories for Annie who performed on Broadway in New York before she moved to San Francisco to host a talk show.

March is gearing up to be another great month full of adventure. Stay tuned for more updates this month and feel free to join the fun!