Family–Always Welcome. Always Included.

At the heart of Elite Care is a commitment that family involvement is a vital contributor to our Residents living healthier, happier, meaningful lives. We do not charge for family and friends’ meals, we have stay over suites that we do not charge rent, we have MONTHLY Family nights as well as the holiday parties spread out over the year. In 2013, we introduced the next phase of walking this talk and formed the Family Advisory Council (FAC). Chaired by our COO, Randy Bogrand, this group consists of members representing each of our current three campuses: Oatfield Estates, Fanno Creek, and Sylvan Park. The Council meets every other month and acts as a platform for developing and understanding Resident Family expectations and opening lines of communication. The group’s input has been invaluable as a sounding board for future company initiatives, including:

  • Developing new staffing schedules
  • Designing new staff-retention programs
  • Brainstorming new marketing approaches
  • Providing in depth feedback regarding new P-TAC units installed at Fanno Creek
  • Helping choose the flooring for the common areas at Oatfield’s 2nd floors

The Family Advisory Council have met with, been presented to and have discussed important issues with:

Elite Care’s Head of Marketing, Justin Adams – the FAC was able to give Justin feedback regarding the newsletter, blog, calendar, house color palate inside, and signage;

The “Unforgettable Journey” author, Anne P. Hill – Anne shared her experience as a caregiver to her mother, who contracted Alzheimer’s disease. Her insight was appreciated by all the members.

Elite Care’s Head of Health Services, Cyn McDaniels – where the FAC delved into detail where the clinical side of our Company was striving to go, the Stop-the-Falls program, the Nurse training, the Medical protocols and procedures that were being updated and organized, personal assistant care training, and the efficient updating of the Med Rooms.

Elite Care’s Head of Maintenance, Doug Hayes – where the FAC members specifically learned about the maintenance system, how It was supposed to work and they shared some instances where it might not have been efficient (and they learned why), they focused deliberately on being able to use the system, have access to it and access to Doug.

Elite Care’s Founder, Lydia Lundberg – who explained the reasons why Elite Care calls them Personal Assistants (not caregivers) Community Managers, (not Executive Directors) Activity Coordinators (not Activity Directors) – all because we are trying to help coordinate the care that includes the Resident and Resident’s Family . The members had a great discussion regarding the history of Elite Care and where she sees it going;

Elite Care’s Head of HR, Dave McCartney – who explained the new retention program he’s administering, the “care and feeding” of the Elite Care team and the challenges we face in the future. The FAC members gave him feedback regarding the mood of the team, what he can do to help and what they can do to help as well;

Below are the names and contact information for each member. Please reach out to them as you think appropriate and let them share their experience. I think you’ll agree that when the Residents we serve are surrounded by strong Teammates and involved Family Members, Elite Care becomes that Extended Family Residence for which we strive.

Elite Care Family Advisory Council Members:

Arthur Martin            

Ann Bardon                

Debbie Durham         

Marye Hefty                

Michele Limpens       

Sheila Hayes               

Stacey Bunton            

Valerie Onchi             

Are you interested in joining the Family Advisory Council? Fill out the form below to email FAC chair, Randy Bogrand. Please include your name, email, phone number and the name of your family member currently living at an Elite Care campus.

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