From the Founder

Life continuity is very important. Many people feel that once you move into a “facility” your life will change so dramatically that you won’t have much meaning in your day.

Your meals are provided for you, your suite gets cleaned, your daily living tasks might be done for you. Maybe you still want to help in the kitchen, you did this
all your life and now your kids say “mom you worked so hard, you don’t have to do this anymore”. Sometimes we forget that things we did all our life actually gives us

I have told stories about this before and I am pleased to relay a new story of our Resident Bob, who still goes on with his life as usual.

Hi Bob !
It was so fantastic meeting you and having you as our Dracula! You did an awesome job and it’s very funny! Thanks for hanging in there with us and
being so willing to work so late!

I’m attaching a few photos for you and I’ll post the finished short film for you as soon as it’s done (by
next week).

A little background to this project:
The short film (6 seconds!) will be shown at the SxSW Conference in Austin, TX. Youtube put out a brief to ad agencies to make a short film based on a
classic novel that interprets the novel. Craig Allen, our director, submitted an idea based on Dracula and it was accepted. Youtube will showcase the films in their booth at SxSW using the films to demonstrate 6 second storytelling, which is a media buy on their site… advertisers can purchase 6 second ad space and these short films are meant to demonstrate you can tell a story in 6 seconds.

Have a great weekend,

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