Elite News

Garden Hangout

We’ve been busy in the garden this year!

You may notice, as you walk through, that there are colorful signs sticking out of the beds. They are labeled: Salsa Garden and Smoothy Garden. The Salsa Garden is growing, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, hot peppers and more. The Smoothy Garden will be bursting with kale, spinach,blueberries and raspberries.

Please join us in the hangout this summer for fresh smoothies and salsa parties, where the ingredients come straight from the garden and into your belly! In the near future we will be adding a “Stir-Fry Garden” and a “Purple Garden”.

We’ve had many helpers this spring on the garden team. The residents have played a part in tidying up the landscape and bringing fresh ideas to us.
We also have some new, outdoor activities to participate in. Join us on the lawn behind Tabor and Larch House for golfing and croquet.