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Chaplain’s Corner

Isn’t great to see the new things Spirng brings to us to enjoy. Each year at this time new life is manifested all around us. I love to see all the little birds, livestock and naturally, the new growth of vegetation everywhere. I’m sure we all enjoy what Spring brings to us. This is also the time that we celebrate “The Risen Christ,” better known as Easter Sunday. A Christian tradition we all know. For some, one of the annual treks to church service and others a time to gather together and hunt for eggs. Either way, it’s a time of gathering. It was no different in Jesus’ day. They did gather, but in a different lite. I find these words for Dr. Stanley’s devotional. May you find some peace and hope as he shares this insight. He uses the Scripture reference from First
Corinthians 15:20-58. I quote: “When we hear the word resurrection, most of us instantly think about Jesus rising from the dead, but His victory over the grave shows what’s going to happen to us as well. One every believer who has died will experience a bodily resurrection like His, and those who are alive when Christ returns will be changed from mortal to immortal in the twinkle of an eye.

One of the first questions that spring to mind is, What Am I going to look like? I can’t answer that specifically, but all I know is, you’re going to look as good as the Creator can make you. And that’s pretty good! These humble earthly bodies will be transformed into glorious bodies like His — minus the
divinity, of course. The apostle Paul provided some hints about their characteristics: They are imperishable, glorious, powerful, and spiritual. As such,
they will be fit for life in heaven. We’ll never again experience sin, sickness, pain, suffering, weakness, exhaustion, or death.

At times people ask me if we’ll be recognizable — that is, will we know our loved ones, and will they know us? Consider this: How could such powerful,
glorious bodies be limited in this area if they are so much more advanced in every other way? I’m fully convinced that all our senses and mental abilities will be enhanced, not diminished. A glorious future lies ahead of us, but the joy of a new body and a reunion with loved ones will be surpassed by the thrill of seeing Jesus face to face. He is the One who made all this possible. Out of gratitude, let’s faithfully love and serve Him while we remain on this earth.”

My friends, remember as you enjoy your future days as we look for the sunshine. Our lives are: “ETERNALLY SECURE IN
CHRIST.” Wishing everyone a very blessed and Happy Easter. God’s mercies, grace and peace to all. I love you all.

Serving you and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Chaplain Jack Diaz

“Chaplain’s Corner”
By Chaplain Jack Diaz
Dr. Charles F. Stanley