Oatfield Estates

Helens and Rainier

Exercise is good for you, for that reason we have regular classes. A few stand out as being very special, when they were led by Helens house resident  Jerry Hopp. He had us all doing some dance moves mixed with a lot of arm strengthening.

Residents always look forward to our outings. Earlier in the month we had an awesome lunch trip to the Ram. It’s great to be able to choose anything from fish and chips to cheese burgers. The residents had a great time having conversations about life with one another and with us. Later in the month we went and saw the new King Kong movie. When ask how they liked it, most Residents said they wish the 2 hour movie was longer. And lastly for the month of March Helens and Rainier house took a trip to Multnomah Falls. We walked up to the first pathway so the residents could see the falls and then we ate lunch at Dairy Queen in Troutdale. A special addition was watching helicopters take off and land at the flight school right next to us.

We celebrated 2 birthdays this month William 87 and Gloria turned 73, they are both residents of Helens house. We would also like to welcome a new resident of Rainier – Susan.

For the month of April Helens and rainier house will be take a lunch trip to Famous Dave’s. Spending an afternoon at the Tulip Festival. We will have a day at the park feeding the ducks. Lastly a trip to the movies to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie. We will celebrate in April is Donald’s birthday in Rainier house, he turns 86 on April 4th.