Oatfield Estates

Larch and Tabor

For the month of March, Larch house celebrated two birthdays. On the 16th, it was Madeline’s 95th birthday. In celebration, her family came to visit from out of state. It was a wonderful get together, with cake, gifts, and lots of laughter. Madeline was beaming, and spoke of how happy she was. On the 18th, it was Patricia’s 90th birthday. She enjoyed her cake and time spent with the other residents in celebration of her new year. What a wonderful month to have birthdays!

March’s Family Night was a great success! We had several family members attend. The theme for this month was, you guessed it – St. Patrick’s Day, and everything Irish! Chef Angela prepared a delicious candied salmon with roasted red potatoes and seasoned asparagus. The night was filled with conversation, laughter, and delicious food!