Oatfield Estates

Larch and Tabor

This month, we enjoyed lunch with our friends at Claim Jumper. Claim Jumper has always been a favorite among our residents, so it was great to be able to eat there. As the weather starts to improve and we see sunnier days, we will look forward to having picnics in the park where we can share lunch, feed geese, and obtain some much needed vitamin D!

What is April without a grand celebration leading up to Easter? The residents of Larch and Tabor were delighted to participate in the tradition of Easter Egg Dyeing. Being the symbol of fertility and birth, eggs are a beautiful way to symbolize the welcoming of spring. Our residents had a blast  personalizing and choosing their favorite colors to best represent themselves!

This Easter, the residents were blessed with visits from friends and family members. They were able to laugh, converse, and enjoy a wonderful seasonal
lunch. Chef Angela prepared a delicious, traditional Easter ham, and for dessert, coconut Easter egg cupcakes. Along with scrumptious food, the residents received special Easter baskets with, you guessed it: plenty of chocolate!