Sylvan Park Celebrates Earth Day

Yale & Mayfield Houses

Yale and Mayfield houses had a great month. We had outings to Black Light Miniature Golf, Lunch at Red Lobster, Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, Scenic Drive to Frenchman's Bar and Baskin Robbins.

Sylvan Park had two Meet-and-greets for families of Residents to come meet Lici Paquette, our new Community Manager. Our Chefs made some scrumptious goodies that all of the Residents loved and raved about for the next couple days.

On April 21st, we celebrated Earth Day with a party in the Greenhouse and by planting two fruit trees in front of the greenhouse (Asian Pear and Gala Apple).

We had a new entertainer, Monte, who played the piano wonderfully and Residents really liked him.

Our first Laughter Club was a hoot, because everybody was in a circle with funny looking hats on and the instructor would give Residents directions on how to release their laughter. He let everyone know that this exercise would get their blood flowing, along with waking them up to start their day off right. He also said that even if someone didn't feel like laughing, they would eventually start to laugh because laughter is contagious. You know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine,” and we sure got a huge dose of it that day. Residents were very happy. It was a sight to see and made everyone sooo happy.

We entertained our Read more