A Fun-Filled March at Oatfield Estates

Adams & Hood Houses

April showers bring May flowers! We’ve sure been enjoying those flowers! The Easter Bunny made a visit to our houses on April 2nd and brought lots of goodies for our Easter Baskets! In April, we enjoyed going to the Woodburn Tulip Fest. How incredibly beautiful it was, even through the raindrops! We also enjoyed the beauty around us by taking a scenic drive up the Clackamas River, past Estacada. A Beaches Restaurant outing was enjoyed by all, later in the month.

May is bringing plenty of adventure to our lives. The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden will be our first outing of the month and the rhododendrons should be in full bloom by then. We’ll visit Huber’s, the oldest restaurant in Portland, for dessert. Pearl has family near Salem who own a buffalo farm, so we thought we’d jump in the bus and go see us some buffalo! It should be a wonderful learning experience, and fun to meet more of Pearl's family. And last but not least, we’ll be dining at the Kennedy School Courtyard Restaurant. Lots of fun to be had by Adams and Hood Houses in May!

Helens & Rainier Houses

>Rainer and Helens houses welcomed March with open arms as winter came to an end and spring began. This past month has been a busy one for our houses. We started out the month by going out to, what most of us consider a favorite around here, Mai Wah Chinese. We had some of their delicious Fried Prawns (which we couldn't get enough of!) and their Sweet and Sour Pork. By the time we left we were all stuffed, happy, and ready for a nap!

The following week we took a trip to famous Joe’s Donuts out in Sandy to satisfy our sweet tooth. On our trip back, we took a scenic drive through farmland and passed the Clackamas River which brought back many nostalgic experiences for some of us.

The highlight of our month was our St. Patrick's Day party. We enjoyed green floats and Irish songs and trivia. But the Irish fun didn't stop there! We also carried the Irish heritage to our monthly Family Night. We enjoyed classic corn beef, cabbage, and Irish crème soufflé. But the best part of the night was enjoying each other's company.

The festivities won't end there for the Helens and Rainier houses. We are excited to have spring begin and cannot wait for the flowers to start blooming! Coming up in April we are going to the tulip festival and strolling through 40 acres of beautiful gardens. We hope to have a wonderful time and make some amazing memories!

Tabor & Larch Houses

Tabor and Larch houses have had a busy month. We’ve hosted parties, and a Family Night, gone on outings, and brought in gardening crafts. All these activities have kept us busy during this perfect, early spring.

We spent an afternoon at the Water Resource Education Center in Vancouver, learning about this natural resource. The many displays and materials there teach how to preserve, and protect this valuable resource–and all the wildlife that live in, and on the waterways of the Pacific Northwest. We also had a beautiful afternoon stroll through the garden at The Grotto in NE Portland, and finished off the month with a lovely lunch at Multnomah Falls Lodge Restaurant.

Tabor House hosted one of our St. Patrick's Day parties at Oatfield Estates and we had a blast! We played trivia games and ate fun snacks prepared by our Team of Chefs, while we listened to beautiful Irish music.

Our Family Night was another winner, with our country-western theme. Our Chefs prepared fantastic meats, shrimp, salads, and desserts. It was almost a standing-room-only party, until we rounded up another table. It was spread out just in time for the plates to hit! Our Resident Service Coordinator, Lorrina, and Personal Assistants attempted to teach us to line dance, but most of us were just as happy watching the show and listening to good music.

Larch and Tabor have added some porch pots to our entryway. We’re enjoying the lively color offerings as we come and go. As for inside the house, we create works of art with the flowers and greenery that Tara brings in for Garden Cart activity.