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Assisted Living Options in Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon

Whether your mom or your dad needs immediate support or is considering Assisted Living Portland Oregon, Assisted Living, Retirement Communities Portland Oregon, Foster Home Care, Memory Care Portland, Oregon, or Retirement Home Living for progressive care illnesses, understanding the different options for Long Term Care in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington is vital to their well-being.

Choose the right senior living environment for them now and for their future quality of life.

At Elite Care, we offer and build unique and enriched senior living retirement communities throughout Portland and Vancouver. With years of experience in catering to our loved ones within each of our assisted living adult care communities, we have learned a few things we want to share;  Alzheimer’s and dementia do not require locked facilities. Our elder’s physical and mental decline requires love, understanding, and consistency for them to thrive.  A Holistic approach that emphasizes diet, exercise and socialization will minimize the stress while maximize their well-being.

What really makes us different? At Elite Care, we have developed a unique relationship based – personalized care culture that focuses on our elders Freedom and Autonomy. Knowing the elders are the boss keeps us aligned with that. Utilizing our facility design, our culture, and our technology has created a support system that fosters an environment of independence. At Elite Care, it’s not about a place to live until the end; it’s about the freedom to live life until the end.

How we do this? Each house has a central home style kitchen with a personal chef, an activity coordinator for each 12 residents and a small intimate environment with no hallways. This fosters social interaction, independence, self-efficacy, and reduces stress.

Studies have shown facilities with long hallways, restaurant-style eating, and large facility care increases confusion, depression, and reduces physical and mental health that contribute to an elder’s decline.  Our goal is to create a friendly and loving environment in which the senior adult, elder and our friend meets their goals of an enriched retirement or assisted living community in which they can enjoy life.

Now, when you think of retirement homes Portland or even retirement communities in Portland, Oregon, one of our locations may be the perfect choice for you to consider depending on the needs, requirements and resources you are seeking for your senior living years.  Good luck in your decision as we look forward to serving you as a member of our exciting senior living community.

Milwaukie: Oatfield Estates

In the Portland, Oregon Area, Oatfield Estates is located in Milwaukie, Oregon providing a dynamic combination of technology and professional experience which promotes safety and security with independent autonomy for elderly care.  This facility is a flagship campus location for Elite Care as the senior living facility assists and cares for dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  The culture of the retirement community is heartwarming and the architecture supports a family atmosphere for visiting, so get your mom and/or dad involved at Oatfield Estates.  It’s not home, but it’s close.

Tigard: Fanno Creek

Another location in the Portland, Oregon Area, Fanno Creek is located in Tigard, Oregon providing superior senior living services in elderly care while maintaining safety and security measures through the utilization of technology throughout the facility.  Mirroring Elite Care’s philosophy promoting a niche and unique approach to serving elderly care, this facility strives to promote the same retirement community culture of independent autonomy for its elderly care. Through this unique approach, Team Members of Elite Care at Fanno Creek are able to offer an unmatched level of quality care for those who are no longer able to care for themselves as a result of a progressive care illness, including, memory care, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. As a result, our Senior Living Residents your Mom and Dad are living healthier, happier, meaningful lives.

If an elder has a foundation of belonging, influence, and purpose, they will thrive.

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