Six (6) Things an Adult Child Looks For

In the Portland, Oregon Area, Oatfield Estates is located in Milwaukie, Oregon providing a dynamic combination of technology and professional experience which promotes safety and security with independent autonomy for elderly care.  This facility is a flagship campus location for Elite Care as the senior living facility assists and cares for dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  The culture of the retirement community is heartwarming and the architecture supports a family atmosphere for visiting, so get your mom and/or dad involved at Oatfield Estates.  It's not home, but it's close.

Elite Care in Milwaukie, Oregon provides technology, relationships and resident centric care where independence autonomy and respect are the hallmarks of our exceptional service. Elders thrive when a holistic approach is imbedded into the culture, natural food, bountiful activities and respect are present.  Oatfield Estates serves the Long term care market for dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other diseases that afflict our elders. Small intimate environment reduces loneliness, independence is encouraged through respect, increase attention is achieved through small group design, lots of activities reduces boredom and the chef custom cooks from scratch to make sure diet/Nutrition is robust.
Assisted living in Portland Oregon is one of many choices to long term care that Elite Care provides

Whether your mom and dad need assisted living, foster homes, memory care, or retirement homes      understanding the different options to long term care in Portland Oregon is vital to their well-being.  Alzheimer's and dementia do not require locked facilities.   The physical and mental decline requires love, understanding and consistency to allow the elders to thrive.  A Holistic approach that emphasizes diet, exercise and socialization minimizes the stress while maximizes their well-being.

Elite Care is special in that we provide Freedom and Autonomy with personalized care that is relationship based.  This means that the residents are the boss and maintain their independence while actively living their life to the end.

An open residential kitchen with their own chef, no hall ways and small environments increases independence and self-effacey while reducing stress.  Long hall ways, restaurant style eating and large facilities cause confusion and become a physical mental constraint to their independence.  The small groups of residents with the highest resident to team member ratio facilitates the development of new friendships and minimizes loneliness.

6 things that Elite Care does well and focuses on

  1. Maintaining their independence
  2. Increasing socialization
  3. Increasing attention
  4. Personal Activities coordinator so all residents are engaged each Day
  5. Making sure that Moving Mom is the best thing you could have done
  6. Value you will get the most for the money that is spent
  7. Having nutritious personalized meals by your personal chef

Elite Cares focuses is about making sure our residents maintain their independence while increasing their socialization and giving them lots of attention.  Their personal Activity coordinator keeps them actively engaged while their personal chef satisfies their nutritional needs through personally attending to their meals daily.  Our residents and families feel that this is the best place for mon and are receiving great value for the money they are spending.  Come see us today to truly understand how happy and alive an elder can be.

  1. Loss of independence:70% of respondents said they worried that their loved one would lose his or her independence after moving into a senior living community.
  2. Increased loneliness:66% of participants said they were concerned that their loved one would be lonely after moving into a senior living. community.
  3. Decreased attention:65% of poll-takers expressed fear that a loved one living in a senior living community would not receive the same level of attention that he or she receives at home.
  4. Boredom:63% of survey respondents said they worried that a loved one would be bored after becoming a resident of a senior living community.
  5. Boomer guilt:61% of participants said they were concerned that they would feel guilty about moving their loved one into a senior living community.
  6. Lack of funds:Almost 60% of poll-takers said they feared that their loved one did not not have enough money saved to live in a senior living community.
  7. Worsening diet:57% of survey respondents said they were worried that a loved one would not eat well as a senior living community resident.

Customize to individual needs

Chef customize to individual nutritional needs and personal preferences


Holistic approach to individualized care

All residents' suites are connected to either the kitchen or Livingroom this increases autonomy and freedom

Short distances to great room/kitchen increases autonomy/freedom

Chef for each 12 residents individualizes nutritional needs and preferences

Chef and residents create personal relationships

Activity coordinator for each 12 residents customizes activities and exercise needs

Surrounded by activity or active lifestyle

Freedom is encouraged through small intimate spaces.  Autonomy is created by understanding the residents are the boss.

Power and self-efface is encouraged through understanding the residents are the boss.

Our Environment

Small intimate environment that minimizes the decline of elders


Recognizing the resident are the boss they pay us

Resident directed relationship base care.


Sharing with family members the events of mom's day.